About Bella & Spritz

Bella X Spritz puppies were born on June 12th!
SSR Isabella "Bella" x Floss Granting Pleasure "Spritz"
Bella's Health Clearances:
BAER Normal
OFA Excellent Hips
CEA Normal by parentage
TNS Normal by parentage
MDR1 Normal by parentage

Spritz's Health Clearances:
CERF Normal
BAER Normal
OFA Good Hips
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Shoulders Normal (OCD Free)
CEA Normal
TNS Normal
MDR1 Normal
PRA Clear

About The Puppies

Bella gave birth to 5 puppies on Saturday June 12, 2016.  There are two males, a red sable and a seal, and three females, a black and white, a seal and a red and white.  The theme of this litter is Harry Potter.

Bella and Spritz are overall great compliments to one another. Bella is being leased to us from OffOn Border Collies for this breeding. Bella is a wonderfully put together, amazingly tempered girl. She is very nice all around and throws VERY athletic puppies. Spritz is a very high drive, outgoing, biddable boy. We previously used Spritz to Bella's littermate, Ocean. This breeding produced a litter of AMAZING puppies (one who is already a national champion at only 2!!!!) We expect this breeding between Bella and Spritz to be very similar. Bella is consistently producing high drive, workaholics with great attitudes and nice temperaments in all of her litters and Spritz is throwing amazingly talented, athletic dogs. We expect this to be an awesome cross.  Bella is 21 inches tall and 36 pounds.  Spritz is 21 inches tall and 40 pounds.

These puppies will be BAER tested prior to leaving for their new homes at 8 weeks of age. These puppies are CEA/MDR1/TNS Normal by parentage.

These puppies will be AKC Registered.

This breeding can produce black and white, red and white and seal and white puppies with and without tri-color.

This litter is all spoken for.

Meet the Puppies