Cynic X Player 2016

This litter was born in the early morning of March 3, 2016 with ease. The litter theme was Pitch Perfect (Benji, Jesse Donald and Bumper were the males and the females were Beca and Fat Amy)! The dam is the very powerful black tri-color, Cynic. She is out of Imported Shiver and Tri-Hard's Razor (who was littermates to our Zoom). The sire is a very amazing agility dog bred by us named Player. This is Player's first litter but he is a half sibling to the incredibly proven stud dog, Sooner who Cynic was previously bred to in 2012.

This was Cynic's second Border Collie litter and we expect wonderful things! This litter will produce very well built, high drive pups that have very outgoing and animated temperaments and LOVE to work! Cynic is 19 1/2 inches tall and Player is 20 inches tall. This litter is related to a lot of very proven well known agility dogs visit us on Facebook to check out all the relatives. Cynic has made some incredible agility dogs and Player is an amazing agility dog but also has many amazing close relatives, too. Please check out our videos to watch them in action! Cynic sire Razor is from Rival's Divot.  Divot is the grandsire to Susan Garrett's amazing youngster, Swagger. Divot is full brother to Rival's Dart who sired our Temper, Chex, Lust and Envy. Dart is also sire of Temper's littermate multi World Team competitor Encore also owned by Susan Garrett. Cynic's maternal grand-dam Indy is half brother/sister to the well known Winger who sired many very accomplished performance dogs including Linda Mecklenburg's world team dog Awesome and Terry Smorch's world team dog Remy. Target (Winger's son and Awesome's littermate) sired Pressure who was bred to our Envy. So to say this breeding is packed full of talent is an understatement!

This litter is AKC Registered.

In this litter there were 4 males: Ego, Freedom, Hero and Slam and 2 females: Beca and Helix.

All the puppies were BAER tested Normal. All the puppies from this breeding will be spayed or neutered unless co-owned and have their hips evaluated through OFA or PennHIP per contractual agreement.

These puppies went to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age.