About Flyer

Offspring's No Speed Limit CD TFP FGDCh HIC CGC 

Flyer is out of the second breeding of Ink x Bo-Tyne Badger.  She is literally everything I ever wanted and is clearly my best friend. Flyer is unquestionably one of the greatest flyball dogs in history. She has anchored five NAFA regional championship teams, NAFA Champion Team 2002, raced in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge four years in the finals 1999-2002 and winning the Purina Championship in 2002, the ESPN Great Outdoor Games finalist two times, the AFLAC Outdoor Games Finalist 2007, & anchored two U-FLI Championship teams 2006-2007. She is known for her amazing box turn, powerful acceleration and consistent work ethic. She was still competing on HyperFlight's fastest team, Stealth, when she was 9 years old.

In October 2007, 2 days after her 9th birthday, Flyer averaged 3.82 seconds line-to-line running anchor on Stealth at the St. Jude Tournament in Memphis. In October 2008, 2 weeks after her 10th birthday, Flyer ran an official 3.84 (3.77 line-to-line) in singles at the Jumps N Jackpots tournament in Hurricane, Utah, demonstrating once again what an amazing athlete she is. 

As Flyer turned 11 years old she showed me that she was not ready to retire as she took TWO spots in the U-FLI top ten pairs (the #3 spot shared with her full brother Relik on TNG and the #9 spot with her housemate Zoom). Everyone who watches her still being able to put 3.8's on the clock at 11 1/2 years old just shakes their head and says "WOW"!!

At the age of nearly 12 years old, Flyer's last race was on Hyper Flight's B team.  She put a 3.85 on the clock with a total team time 15.98 at Fetchin' Frenzy's Tournament in Memphis at the Reliant Energy Center, the very building she debuted in 10 1/2 years ago!  The ride was wild, the best EVER my love!  

At 14 1/2 years old Flyer is still doing amazing and you would have to look very hard to find a grey hair!  She still loves to play, swim and go with me everywhere.  She recently had a fill exam, blood work, EKG and xrays all the vet could do was shake her head and say "amazing is the only word I can use...".  I told her that is the same word I have used from the moment we met!!

Above everything, Flyer is my constant companion, soul mate and best friend. She goes to work with me everyday and helps brighten the lives of my patients. Everyone that meets her loves her energy and spirit. The more time you spend with her the more you realize exactly how special she truly is. Flyer came into my life over a decade ago and changed its course forever. She is my once in a lifetime gift.

DOB: October 11, 1998
Breeder: Angie Heighton

CERF NORMAL 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006 & 2010
DNA CEA Normal
DNA MDR1 Normal
Cardiac Normal 2010
Thyroid Normal 2010
Spayed per contractual agreement
ABCA/AKC Registered

Photos of Flyer