About Impulse

On Target's Had to Have Her TFFC-III

Impulse is a blue merle female from the final breeding of Jedi X Dart born  on January 22, 2007.  She is owned by Sonya Barton and co-owned by me. She plays flyball on Sure Shots Flyball Team in Dallas, Texas and is one of U-Fli's top pointed Border Collies. Impulse's first litter of borderwhippets, born on June 1, 2013 are turning heads! This entire litter went to flyball homes with Whimsy, Yeyo, Yeager, Holli and Zing! playing with Sure Shots, Quix playing with Breakin' Out, and Giggle playing with The Flying Squad. 

Impulse had one litter at On Target:

x Voodoo 2014

We are very thankful Sonya allowed Impulse to come back for one litter here at On Target. She has since been spayed but her amazing legacy will continue on through her offspring we retained breeding rights on:

On Target's Adrenaline Junkie "Rush" (Impulse x Voodoo)
On Target's Cliffhanger "Grip" (Impulse x Voodoo)
On Target's Beyond Belief "Exquisite" (Impulse x Voodoo)

CERF CLEAR 2007, 2014
PennHIP 70th percentile
DNA CEA Normal
MDR1 Normal by parentage
AKC Registered


Photos of Impulse