About Jazz

GS Dixieland

Jazz is a tiny well built 17 inch red tri-color female that comes from working lines born on Sep 17, 2008.  She is a very kind, loving girl that walked in my house, my heart and settled right in to stay! Everyone who meets her loves her. She is a very biddable, smart girl with drive to spare.
Jazz's first litter was with Powertripp Border Collies, on August 28th, 2010. She produced five puppies sired by a Bearded Collie, with one being a featured performer in SuperDogs while his siblings are active in performance events. Jazz has had a total of 5 litters thus far and is due for a repeat breeding to Chrome very soon.  Her babies with a great temperament, speed and athletic ability. Her puppies are in training for flyball, agility and dock diving.

Jazz's Litters:
x Maverick April 14, 2011
x Maverick 2011 
x Chrome 2013
x Chrome 2013  
x Chrome 2015
x Chrome 2016
x Edge 2016

CERF NORMAL 2010-2014
(Rechecked BAER in 2015 - still normal)
PennHIP 80th percentile
OFA Good
DNA CEA Normal
TNS Normal
DNA MDR1 Normal
ABCA/AKC Registered