Jazz X Chrome

This litter was born January 3rd, 2013 in the afternoon quite unexpectedly. Jazz wasn't due for another couple days and we were loading up to go get her x-ray done to see how many puppies she was having when POOF puppy number one and an hour later puppy number two was born! Thus the litter names were Pushy and Hasty! The dam is the quick footed, agile, nicely built red tri-colored Jazz. The sire of this litter is Maverick's son Chrome. Maverick is the very proven stud dog owned and loved by Lee Brown of Hyper Flight Flyball Team. It was time for Chrome to step up to the plate as a sire so this is his second litter her at On Target.  This is Jazz's third litter and we are super excited to see what they will grow up to be! Jazz is 17 inches tall and Chrome is 15 inches tall. 

In this litter there was 1 male: Torque; and 1 female: Bling. 


Meet This Litter

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On Target's Pivotal Force "Torque"
Owner - Laura Brieske
Flyball - Washimgton







On Target's Material Girl "Bling"
Owner - Jennifer Rohling
Flyball - Minnesota