Introducing Reveal

On Target's OffOn A Grand Premier CD AADC AGDC AG.I.

Reveal is a beautiful black and white female born on August 29th, 2010 from the only breeding of Jedi X Trep.  She has the loving sweet personality of her daddy with the gorgeous structure and insane tugging of her mother.  Oh and she "might" have her mother's mouth too!  She is owned and loved by Tara Goldak in Ottawa Canada and co-owned with Mary Kline of OffOn Border Collies.  Reveal would sit right at Mary's feet and stare at her, picking her from the very beginning - just how her father picked Mary 16 years ago! Tara and Reveal are competing in agility and obedience.

CERF NORMAL 2010, 2012
PennHIP pending
OFA pending
DNA CEA Carrier
MDR1 pending
AKC Registered

More Photos of Reveal

Birth to Eight Weeks