Scream x Chrome

The was an unexpected breeding (read more below) but nevertheless we will not hide the details  surrounding our litters. The litter was "bred" and raised by Amy Sadowski in Minnesota.  I was present during the birth and visited this litter to assist in home selections.  Amy consulted me constantly and followed my "puppy rearing technique" to the letter. This litter was born on the evening of Saturday, November 6th, 2010. The dam is the very quick-footed agile, red merle borderstaffy, Scream. She is out of our Jedi X Maverick breeding. The sire of this litter is the very amazingly built, high drive happy staffordshire terrier, Chrome. Chrome is also a Maverick son so this is a line breeding on Maverick.  This was the first litter for both dogs and even though it was a mistake,  it has turned out to be nothing short of wonderful! This litter produced very well built, high drive pups that LOVE to tug and work all the time! Both Scream and Chrome are 10 inch NAFA height dogs.

Amy's words on this litter: Scream is my "Dream" division 1 height dog. I had been planning for this girl to come into my life long before she was even a sparkle in Jedi's eyes. I knew as soon as I saw her on Lisa's website that She was THE ONE for me. Can't explain it, I just knew.
Scream is everything that I could dream for. She has phenomenal tug drive, awesome ball posession, a gift for learning and Wanting to work, and most of all, a Wonderful temperment. By 6 months old she had a natural box turn; we didn't push it, she just seemed to "get" it.
I also started Scream in agility so I could encourage her need to play and learn. All I can say is Amazing. She picked up everything she was asked to do and her focus on me was beautiful. Scream had turned into my "all arounder"; flyball and agility dog at almost a year of age.

When Scream was around 10 months of age, Chrome came to our home for flyball training. A staffie who was sort of quiet for a few days, Chrome quickly learned the value of "the ball" in our home and he immediately wanted to play the game.

As August came along, Flare my border collie, came into season. This pulled Scream into her first season. I had a preplanned trip to California so I had to leave Scream under the care of my family. Well, while no one officially saw anything, Scream and Chrome had a liason of love and/or lust.

When I returned on September 6th, we resumed our flyball training and Scream made her debut on the floor at the Balls Out tournament at the end of September. We also continued our agility training and she continued to excell at a remarkable pace. Never did I notice a change in her work ethic or desire to "Just Do It".

By mid October I did notice swelling of her mamary glands but chalked it up to a false pregnancy. After all, Scream and Chrome were never seen to tie (at least that is what my family said). But when she and a few of her house mates got into the special food and everyone BUT her seemed to reduce their swelled up look by day two, I had a sinking feeling that something else was brewing besides a full tummy. Sure enough, an xray confirmed that she was with child and due in approximately 1 week to 10 days. I figured that it had to have happened while I was in CA and started my watch. Scream delivered this litter without issue and counting back she must have had their moment between Sept. 4-6; the weekend I was in CA (including Labor Day - go figure).

While this was certainly not a planned litter, things must happen for a reason. The puppies are crazy fun and healthy and I can only hope turn into wonderful flyball dogs and companions. Scream is most certainly ready to get back to work and will resume flyball asap. We are set also to get back to agility classes. She was a wonderful ONE TIME Mom but she has other fun filled plans for her future.

This litter is a sports mix litter and they are not AKC or ABCA registered. 

In this litter there were 2 males: Falcon and Yikes; and 5 females: Gidget, Luna, Minion, Vogue and Xena. 

All the puppies were BAER and CERF tested Normal. All the puppies from this breeding will be spayed or neutered and have their hips evaluated through OFA or PennHIP per contractual agreement.

All the puppies from this litter went to their forever homes at 8 weeks old!