About Sofie

Oochigea's Gracylius

Sofie is a high drive, out going brindle female. She was imported from Oochigea Whippets in Belgium. Sofie is beautifully put together and has a lovely temperament. She is incredibly athletic and fast footed and consistently produces that in her offspring. We are very thankful the opportunity came up that Sofie was able to come live with us here at On Target and we are excited about what she has to offered to our breeding program and the performance world!  Sofia has been retired from breeding and spayed. 

You can read more about Sofie and her pedigree here: http://thewhippetarchives.net/details.php?id=7212

Sofie's litters for On Target:
x Angrr 2013
x Tension 2014
x Edge 2016