About On Target Puppies

At On Target, we place great emphasis on socialization, handling and early exposure to various sights, sounds and experiences when raising a litter.  We do the Super Puppy Program (Early Neurological Stimulation) on each one of our puppies from day 3 to 16.  Every puppy we raise gets introduced to children, adult dogs, geriatric dogs, and cats. Socialization is key to the continued success of our puppies.  We take them to places like Home Depot, Pet Smart, Petco, Walmart, Day Care center owned by a friend of ours, and the airport. They also get introduced to elderly people through visits to nursing home, where they learn about wheelchairs and walkers as well as getting great socialization.  They are introduced to every surface:  ceramic tile, wood flooring, linoleum tile, grass, dirt, tough spun matting, gravel, stairs and lots of uneven rocks to climb on.

Our home is very chaotic most times, so they get use to the hustle and bustle of everyday living. We talk loud, bang pots and pans, drop bowls, open new trash bags in front of them, play music and sound CDs, and the TV is on with all sorts of different channels.  We run the vacuum, take them out to hear the trash truck noises, have meet and greet at the school bus, and go on daily car rides working up to  a round trip of 6 hours. We do day adventure several times after 6 weeks old that will last 6-8 hours while learning to be in a crate for extended periods of time, go potty in strange places and new sounds, sights and smells.  

We initiate crate training and walking on leash and collar. We also work food drive, tug drive, and retrieving.  We initiate clicker training, crate training, the two toy game and chase recalls.  We have a miniature set of agility equipment that they play on daily.  We have toys that wobble, bounce, make noise, and introduce every imaginable texture. Weather permitting, we take them swimming in a friend's pool.  We have multiple balance discs, wobble boards and giant balance balls that they are introduced to, and work on daily, once they are old enough and introduce them to treats and hand feeding.  We have total strangers (to the puppies) come and work with them, on tugging and recalls, three separate times prior to puppy selection time.  Our puppies are raised with cedar shavings in a potty box and we have found this method raises clean puppies that are proving easy to crate train.  On top of the extensive health and temperament testing of our adult breeding dogs, we also very carefully assess each puppy from birth to the time they are chosen for their new homes.  Our main priority is placing our puppies in the most wonderfully compatible homes possible.  We take in put to sex and color preference but it is not our focus when selecting puppies.  

We take weekly photos, sometime more often, so everyone can watch the babies grow.  We also take lots of videos and post them to our facebook page, so go check us out!

All On Target puppies leave here with their first vaccination, microchip to be implanted later after 6 months is preferred,   dewormed (at 2, 4, 6 and 7.5 weeks), CERF tested, CEA DNA tested (when applicable) and BAER tested.  All puppies visit the veterinarian within three days after birth to make sure everything is perfect.  They will be seen again at 7 weeks for their health check and vaccines, in addition they make routine visits with our veterinary chiropractor soon after their birth and get regular adjustments as they grow and develop.  

If you would like any further information, please email us.  Please contact us for puppy pricing, pick-up and travel plans and any questions you may have.  All contracts and pedigrees are available upon request. 

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