We are very proud of all of our puppies and what they have accomplished and this is a page to congratulate them all on how well they've done! This page includes all titles and accomplishments from August 2013 and onward. 

June 2015 Brags

Congratulations to Kysha Hunt and Exclusive AKA Lucy (Envy x Sooner) on your ATChC! 

Congratulations to Shauna Oliver and Splash (Cynic x Sooner) on your 2nd place finish at the AAC Regional Championships!

Congratulations to Mollie Miller and Ninja (Cynic x Sooner) on your new personal for dock diving (23'7)!

Congratulations to Kat Brown and Nemo (Cynic x Maverick) on your RATS Title!

Congratulations to the Tara Goldak and Reveal on your MADC (Master Agility Dog of Canada)! Also, congratulations to Christine Boisvert and Fetish and Image and to Betty Noiles and Vintage on earning your Master Snooker dog of Canada title!! All girls are from Jedi x Trep


May 2015 Brags

Congratulations to Shenna Lemche and Dynamite (Scorch x Maverick) on making the USA Agility EO Team for the 2nd year in a row!!

Congratulations to Jordan Connelly and Blitz (Ole x Sooner) on having a wonderful performance at the USA World Team Tryouts!

Congratulations to Elena Fernandez and Bravo (Cynic x Chrome) on your NA!

Congratulations to Laura Slusher and Kai (Scorch x Maverick) on your ADCh-Bronze and your LAA-Bronze!

April 2015 Brags

Congratulations to Loretta Vojtech and Valiant on winning 16" PSJ at the North Central Regional!

Congratulations to Lori Petykowski and Spirit (Vixen x Sooner) on winning 20" PSJ and taking 2nd in PGP at the North Central Regional! 

Congratulations to Shenna Lemche and Dynamite (Scorch x Maverick) on winning 16" Grand Prix at the North Central Regional and congratulations to Jennifer Rohling and Fiction for taking 2nd in DAM Team at the regional along side teammates Shenna and Dynamite!

Congratulations to Elena Fernandez and Bravo (Cynic x Chrome) on your NF!

Congratulations to Rebecca & Shine (Vixen x Sooner), Wendy & Chili (Shiver x Sooner - OffOn breeding) and Karey & Reason (Brick x The Flash) on representing Canada  at the IFCS World Championships in Italy! Reason took a silver medal in individual jumpers!

March 2015 Brags

Congratulations to Mary Fairbairn and Pyro (Jedi x Dart) on your FGDCH!

Congratulations to Kara Corn and Maven (Jazz x Maverick) on your NA and NAJ! 

Congratulations to Cynthia Hornor and Spice (Widget x Sooner) on winning the 2015 AKC National Agility Championships!

Congratulations to Congratulations to all the On Target dogs that competed at the 2015 AKC National Agility Championships: Cynthia Hornor & Spice (Widget x Sooner), Laurie Zurborg & Gem (Ole x Sooner), Jordan Conelley & Blitz (Ole x Sooner), Nanci Tayler & Tachyon (Ole x Sooner), Nancy Brooke & Rev (Brick x The Flash),  Debbie Lazaro & Crime (Scorch x Maverick) and Gosia Skowron & Riot (Scorch x Maverick)!!

Lynn Brodie and Wing (Poison x Edge) on your MACh!!