About Our Dogs

On Target Border Collies and Mixes are bred to be the best at what they do, but all of my dogs are family members and companions first and foremost. I want the dogs that I own and produce to be smart, biddable, loyal companions that are happy being active and involved in whatever I ask of them... whether it be competing at performance venues, hiking, biking, vacationing or just laying around watching TV with me. 

Our primary venue of choice is flyball but our dogs have been trained in several other areas such as disc dog, herding, and obedience. Several of them are also certified therapy dogs and a few have even be featured in magazines articles and print adds. But at the end of the day they are my pets and cherished companions regardless of breeding status.  My dogs can be found relaxing on the couch with me, around my feet in the office, lounging on the deck with me or in the backyard swimming in the pool.
My dogs do not live outside in a kennel type situation and are not crated for long hours at a time.  We have many acres and they run daily several times.  We have many separate, very safe yards where they can play, chew on bones, lay in the sun or on the deck as they choose.  We have a huge pool and deck they get to play and exercise in daily as weather permits. Enjoy learning about each one of our dogs by reading their bios on each individual dogs page. We have an open door policy so if you would like to come for a visit I am happy to make an appointment and introduce you to all the dogs and show you around.  My dogs love working and meeting anyone at anytime! 

Please take the time visit each of our dog's individual pages by clicking on the links listed below which will take you to my breeding dogs, my retired breeding dogs, and my non-breeding dogs. You can read more about each of my dogs there. To view pedigrees of my breeding dogs click here and to view pedigrees of my non-breeding dogs click here.  If you have any questions feel free to email me. 
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