Brick x Edge

This litter was born quickly and easily on January 13, 2014 from approximately 4:15 - 7:15PM. Brick surprised us all with six, possibly seven puppies seen on x-ray but a total of eight puppies being born. One puppy sadly passed away at birth. The theme for this litter was types of rocks and stones. Edge's previous litters have been nothing short of amazing and he will be a very good compliment to Brick. As expected with this cross, this litter has produced puppies with great structure, high drive and speed! Puppies from this litter will be performing in agility, flyball and disc for their new owners! Brick is 19 7/8 inches tall and Edge is pushing 20 inches. 

This litter is AKC and ABCA registered.
In this litter there were 3 males: Riff, Pirate and Wake; and 4 females: Paris, P!nk, Momo and Raven. 

All the puppies were BAER Normal and CERF tested Normal. They are CEA and MDR1 Normal by parentage. All the puppies from this breeding will be spayed or neutered unless co-owned and they will have their hips evaluated through OFA or PennHIP per contractual agreement.  

All the puppies in this litter went to their forever homes at 8 week of age and our international star Momo went to her home as soon as customs would allow!