Captivate X Protege



Captivate gave birth to 8 puppies (5 boys and 3 girls) on December 7, 2019.  Captivate is a staffordshire bull terrier imported from the Netherlands. She is out of Quintlet Run Amok "Topsy" X Quintlet Pulp Fiction.  She is extremely athletic and powerful and also a happy, funny, kind and big smiling cuddle bug.  She is 13" tall and wieghs 18.8 lbs.  Protégé is sport mix out of 6 Pack X Profiler.  He was bred by Mackie's Diamond Sport Mixes in Winnepeg Canada.  He is a very athletic little package with fast feet an amazing flexibility. He is training in flyball, dock diving, lure coursing and barn hunt.  He stands 13.25" tall and weighs 12 lbs.  We are very excited to watch these pups excel in their sports.  All the puppies went to performance homes.


On Targets Risen from the Depths "Spawn"
Owner - Mary Kline






On Target's Watch Me Now "Video"
Owner - Trudie Kaye Rester
Flyball - Houston, TX





Owner - Kelly Hogg
Flyball and Agility - New Brunswick, Canada





On Target's Add'n a Little Flavor "Wasabi"
Owner - Anja Thiust
Flyball - Germany





Owner - Kat Brown
Agility and Barn Hunt - South Carolina





On Target’s Give Youtrself to the Darkside "Vader"
Owner - Gaile McCafferty and Todd Miller
Flyball - 





On Target’s Calling the Shots "Boss"
Owner - Mandy Wilson
Agility, Disc and Dock Diving - Texas





Owner - Alicia Nicholas
Agility - Arizona