About the Co-Owned Dogs

Our co-owned dogs (and their owners!) are a very important part of our breeding program. The co-owned dogs live with friends and we watch them grow and once they have successfully passed all their health testing we decide if they will be an important asset to our breeding program. This enables us to keep more dogs as part of our potential breeding program without keeping them in our home. It also allows the puppies to be competing in multiple sports and venues. Thanks to all of those special co-owners out there who give our dogs a great home and a wonderful life! If you would like information on being one of our co-owners please contact me.  

All of our puppies that are sold with breeding rights will be listed below. Past co-owned dogs are on the retired breeding dog's page. If there are dogs out there from our breedings offering stud service or having litters, they are doing so in violation of a trusted verbal and/or written contract.  

Meet Our Co-Owned Dogs