Exotic X Caption

Exotic had 8 puppies sired by Caption on July 28, 2020.  There are 5 females and 3 males.  All of these puppies went to performance homes and we are excited to watch them grow up.

On Target's Make Your Mark "Etch"
Owner - Pamela Bowing
Flyball, Agility - BC Canada







On Target's Quick Reflexes "Flex"
Owner - Carlee Anderson
Agility, Dock Diving - BC Canada







On Target's Ain't Seen Nothing Yet "Envy"
Owner - Carla Antal
Agility - Saskatchewan, Canada







On Target's Quiet Confidence "Bravery"
Owners - Isaac and Hailey VanWart 
Agility - Idaho







On Target's Evening Star 'Vesper"
Owner - Elena Frampton
Agility - New York







On Target's Feel the Rhythm "Tempo"
Owner - Katrina Calon
Agility, Flyball - BC Canada







On Target's Rebel Princess "Leia"
Owner - Olivia Chapman Ripley
Agility, Dock Diving and Disc - Washington







On Target's Organically Grown "Radish"
Owner - Lexi Whyte
Nova Scotia