Exotic X Caption

Exotic had 6 puppies sired by Caption on January 18, 2022.  There are 2 males and 4 females.  This is a repeat breeding.

Meet this Litter

On Target's Quite the Following "Snapchat"
Owner - Jana Crawford
Flyball, Dock, Nosework, Agility - Utah





On Target's TBD "Lobster"
Owner - Cyndi Dowling
Dock, Flyball - Utah





On Target's TBD "Gator Bites"
Owner - Mandy Wilson
Dock, FastCAT - Texas





On Target's TBD "Crab Legs"
Owner - Diane Jurgens
Flyball - Colorado





On Target's Let's Bounce "Roo"
Owner - Nicole Robinson
Flyball - California





On Target's TBD "Spare Ribs"
Owner - Angela Lee
Agility - Canada