Exotic X XomB

Exotic had 7 puppies on May 7, 2021 sired by XomB.  There are 5 females and 2 males.  All of these puppies went to performance homes and we can't wait to see them grow up.

Meet This Litter

On Target's Creatin' Opportunity "4Check"
Owner - Kathy Karas
Dock. Lure Coursing, Barnhunt - Nevada





On Target's I've Got da Hops "Frog"
Owner - Michelle Rester Rudisill
Flyball, Dock - Texas





On Target's Untouchable "Mafia"
Owner - Terry Karas
Dock - Nevada





On Target's Never Enough "Obsession"
Owner - Jamie Spencer Sowers
Flyball, Dock - California





On Target's She Can Fly "Piper"
Owner - Kelsy Trigg
Agility - Canada





On Target's Life of the Party "Rio"
Owner - Diane de Freitas
Flyball - California





On Target's Takin' It All In "Survey"
Owner - Sarah Maleski
Dock - Pennsylvania