Infinity X Wren

Infinity delivered 5 puppies sired by Wren on March 25, 2021.  There are 5 females.  All of these puppies went to performance homes and we can't wait to see them grow up.

Meet This Litter

On Target's Courageous Courier "Phoebe"
Owner - Sharon Turley
Agility - California





On Target's Believe in Science "Fizzy"
Owner - James George 
Agility - Virginia





On Target's It's Primarily All Good "Passion"
Owner - Cyndy Hill
Agility, Nosework - Canada





On Target's Add'n A Little Spice "Picca"
Owner - Marly Arandia
Agility, Nosework - California





On Target's Live Out Loud "Viva"
Owner - Louise Godwin
Agility - UK