Infinity X Wren

Infinity had 6 Wren puppies on January 11, 2022.  There are 2 females and 4 males.  

Meet This Litter

On Target's TBD "Rizzo"
Owners - Sam Wichard and Louise Goodwin


On Target's TBD
Owner - Debbie Russ
Agility - North Carolina





On Target's Rock and Roll "Jitterbug"
Owner - Lynn Richardson
Agility and Rally - Pennsylvania





On Target's Feelin' Groovy "Hip"
Owner - Trudie Kaye Rester
Flyball - Texas





On Target's TBD "Breeze"
Owners - Annette and Amy Stockton
UK - Agility





On Target's Ray of Light "Photon"
Owner - Angelica Schmitz Steinker
Agility, Dock, Nose Work and Rally