Jedi x Trep

On Sunday, August 29th, 2010 Jedi started to give birth to her first frozen AI litter (half naturally and half via C-Section done on August 30th) to 6 beautiful puppies. The litter theme is Star Wars to honor Jedi. This litter is very special in many ways. It is Trep's first litter since he passed away, and our first frozen litter. She is a beautifully built blue merle and has been an amazing foundation bitch and given many people awesome puppies. Trep was from OffOn BC's first litter. Trep was an amazing athlete and Mary's heart dog. He has sired many awesome dogs and I have no doubt this litter will be anything short of exceptional.  Trep and Jedi were a great compliment for each other, we knew they would be high drive, brilliant and outgoing!!! This litter is full of well balanced, nicely structured, driven pups that are all training in performance sports.  Trep was just under 19 inches tall and Jedi is 20 inches tall.   

This litter is AKC registered.

In this litter there was 1 male: Player; and 5 females: Vintage, Image, Fetish, Inspire and Reveal. 

All the puppies were all BAER and CERF tested Normal. All the puppies from this breeding will be spayed or neutered unless co-owned and have their hips evaluated through OFA or PennHIP per contractual agreement. 

All the puppies in this litter went to their forever homes at 8 weeks old!