About Logic

On Target's Beyond Reason TFP FDCh 

Logic is an incredible black and white male that is out of the final breeding of Jedi X Dart born January 22nd, 2007.  He was impossible to let go so I didn't!  I kept him but allowed him to go live and train with Jessica Love.  Logic is proving he not only has it on the flyball course but he also sired some amazing puppies. In flyball he runs some pretty amazing times and is known for taking out Jess several times.   

Update 2013: Logic has been neutered.

CERF NORMAL 2007-2010
PennHIP 70th percentile
DNA CEA Normal
MDR1 Normal by parentage
AKC Registered
DNA Profile #V620894

Logic sired four litters of Border Collies. 
Two litters at OffOn Border Collies, one litter at Storm Front Border Collies, and one litter for First Harmony Farms.


Photos of Logic