Ruby X Mojo

On March 10, 2021, Ruby had 7 puppies sired by Mojo.  There are 3 males and 4 females.

Meet this Litter

On Target's 80 Proof “Basil”
Owner - Mariel Gaviola
Maryland - agility, dock





“On Target's TBD ”Aura"
Owner - Hanna Elin Burdge
California - agility, disc, herding





On Target's Unearthed Moldavite with JX “Hex”
Owner - Darby Thanisch
Texas - agility, dock, disc





On Target's Deep Magic at JX “Rune”
Owner - Lisa Sayman
Nevada - agility





On Target's Count Me In at JX “Tally”
Owner - -Mary Keller
North Dakota - agility, rally, obedience, nosework





On Target's Go For It with JX “Gusto”
Owner - Dawn Casey
Minnesota - agility





On Target's Talkin' About My Girl with JX “Veda”
Owner - Abby Flak
Iowa - agility, obedience, disc