About Scorch

Imp. Astra Scorch 

Scorch is from the breeding of Astra Mishka x Astra Mars and was imported here from Scotland.   She is an agile, quick footed girl that stands about 17 1/2 inches at the withers.  She is a very gifted at herding, and has an amazing outrun.  She has a calm approach and can read the stock very well.  Scorch is one of the best mothers here at On Target.  She is a very loving kind mother and will take care of any litter whether hers or not!  She is for sure a once in a lifetime girl!

Scorch has had one Border Collie litter at OffOn Border Collies.
She has had five Borderstaffy litters at OnTarget with Maverick:
2007, 2008, 2009 and a repeat breeding in 2010.
She has currently been bred to Maverick son Chrome for a 2012 Borderstaffy litter.
DOB: October 22, 2005
Breeder: Janet Beale

CERF NORMAL 2005-2012
PennHIP 100th Percentile
DNA CEA Normal
DNA MDR1 Normal
ISDS/ABCA/AKC Registered

Scorch is owned by
OffOn Border Collies.

Photos of Scorch

Scorch Pups at OT