Sensational X Limit

Sense gave birth to 5 puppies sired by Limit on July 29, 2019. There are 3 males, Buzz. Lithium and Time, and 2 females Skeeter and Brilliant.  All of these puppies went to performance homes.


Meet This Litter

On Target's a Star is Born "Brilliant"
Owner - Bonnie Griep
Agility - Minnesota

BAER and CERF Normal






On Target's What's the Buzz "Skeeter"
Owner - Franz Miller
Agility - California

BAER and CERF Normal






On  Target's It's Elemental "Lithium"
Owner - Melanie Hoogeveen
Agility - Ottawa







On Target's Time Flies "Time"
Owner - Lonny Elson
Agility - Arizona

BAER and CERF Normal






On Target's Sting Like a Bee "Buzz"
Owner - Blynn Baker
Agility - Washington