About Temper

Bo-Tyne's Fightin' Back TFFC FM HIC

Temper is a red and white female from the first breeding of Bo-Tyne Quiver x Dart born February 7, 2004. She was bred by Lynda Verna.  I was there there as she was being born, and picked her that very second.  She is a very high drive, pushy, girl that was the heart of Hyperflight Flyball Team's A team from the day she made her debut.  Her work ethic and biddability is exceptional and she lives to please me.  Temper has been the start dog on two NAFA Regional Champion Teams, the 2008 U-FLI 2nd place Division One National Championship team, the 2009 and 2010 U-FLI 1st place Division One National Championship Team.  All that said, she is incredibly loving and is the best obedience dog in my house.  When not playing flyball she loves to swim, play frisbee and dabble in herding.  We also own her full brother Chex, and half sisters Envy and Lust. Temper now plays flyball for Touch N Go flyball team and as amazing as ever at 8 years old. 

Penn HIP 90th Percentile
DNA CEA Normal
DNA MDR1 Normal
ABCA/AKC Registered
Temper is spayed

Photos of Temper