About Trestle

Rival's Connection to Hob Nob

Trestle is a gorgeous black and white split face female.  She is an extremely well built little package, standing at only 17 1/2 inches. But don't let her size fool you.  She has tons of speed with power to spare and is very light on her feet.  She loves to learn and wants so much to please me!  She is a very loving, loyal athletic girl and I am thrilled to have her!  

Update December 2010: Trestle is retired from breeding due to a couple of reasons:  Her sire's lines have produced epilepsy in a few pups and we don't care to carry on that trait.  Trestle herself has never had a seizure.  In fact she hasn't been sick a day in her life!  Her pure bred puppies by Sooner will be altered and not bred per my request as one of her sons, Kaos, has epilepsy.  All mixed breeds are always sold non-breeding. Also at the time of her last c-section a weakening in the lining of her uterus was found and for safety reasons she was spayed.  Trestle had two litters for us: First to Sooner and then she had borderwhippets with Trumpet.

CERF NORMAL 2008-2011

PennHIP 100 th percentile (.22/.26)
CEA Normal DNA tested
MDR1 Normal DNA tested
CL Normal DNA tested
DM Normal DNA tested
IGS Normal DNA tested
TNS Normal DNA tested
AKC Registered
Trestle is spayed


Photos of Trestle