Twister X Rad

Twister had 5 borderwhippet puppies sired by Radical on September 23, 2021.  There are 3 males and 2 females.

Meet this Litter

On Target's TBD "Sweet Pickle"
Owner - Angie Stamm Vickery




On Target's Let There Be Carnage "Mantis"
Owner - Kristen Ingersoll
Flyball and Dock Diving





On Target's Abstract Expression "Jasper"
Owner - Esther Park
Agility - New York





On Target's Iron Streak "Ripken"
Owner - Kristin Abdelnour
Dock Diving and Agility





On Target's TBD "Dill"
Owner - Melissa Almond Hubbs
Flyball and Dock Diving