About Vibrant

OffOn A Colorful View

 My dear Vibe - you were called away far to soon. My heart is broken. Losing you was something I never expected so soon. I loved you the moment you were born - so full of yourself and so "Vibrant". You were determined to stay even though I swore I was not keeping you, you won! In your short time you touched the lives of many all of whom will never forget you. Sleep well Vibe - till we meet again.

Vibrant was my stunning red and white female from the October 2009 breeding of Heelalong OffOn A Mad Dash X Sooner. She was a very loyal, outgoing, athletic, lovebug that captured me the instant she was born just like her full brother Edge.  She will be very missed. Special thanks to M.H. Lacasse for all the amazing photos from her time in Ottawa to remember her by...

DOB: October 4, 2009-December 20th, 2010
Breeder: Mary Kline of OffOn Border Collies.

DNA CEA Carrier
MDR1 Normal by Parentage
ABCA/AKC Registered