About Zoom

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Zoom was from the first breeding of Indy X Divot.  Zoom was an incredible athlete and was very physically gifted. Her nickname was "the perfect puppy". She was a very hard working loyal girl that helped our flyball team to many achievements.  Zoom was retired from flyball at 10 years old.  Her other passions were swimming, cat herding and frisbee.  Zoom's litter brother Razor is the sire of our Cynic. We miss our baby girl everyday and think of her often.  Sometimes I swear I still feel her in her spot where she faithfullly slept next to me every night.  I was blessed Zoom, blessed beyond words to have been loved by you!  
Until we meet again... 

The day you passed I wrote this about you Zoom.  Today I was surrounded by some wonderful people as I let one of the truly greatest dogs I was blessed to call mine leave this world. My Zoom is now cancer free and I feel a deep loss but it was her time to go. She had the heart of a lion and fought for 14 months past diagnosis. Quit was never in her vocabulary even today as she walked around the room saying "goodbye I will be OK" to everyone there before resting one last time in my arms. I love you Zoom more than words can say, thank you for loving me with your whole soul!

DOB: March 12, 2002-May 26, 2012
Breeder: Melissa Dailey

CERF NORMAL 2002-2005, 2007, 2009, 2011

DNA CEA Normal
DNA MDR1 Normal

Zoom was spayed per contractual agreement

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