We have several breedings planned for 2014/2015.  

At On Target, we place great emphasis on socialization, handling, and early exposure to various sights, sounds and experiences with each of our litters. Read more about how our puppies are raised and testimonials from our puppy owners.
  • On Target's Habit Forming "Feish" x Imp. Astra Rob "Reign" 
  • On Target's OffOn Makin' It Hot "Spice" All Zet Air Attack "Strafe"
  • SSR's Tidal Wave "Ocean" x On Target's Take That! "Ninja" 
  • OffOn A Tainted View "Cynic" x On Target's Game On "Player" 
  • Imp Storyteller "Fiction" x Boomtown's Lookin' Sharp "Chrome" 
  • On Target's Deja Vue "Deja" x Boomtown's Lookin' Sharp "Chrome" 
  • OffOn A Joyful View "Elation" x Boomtown's Lookin' Sharp "Chrome" 
  • Oochigea's Gracylius "Sofie" x On Target's Malicious Intent "Tension" 

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