Sync X Verve

On June 9, 2017, Sync had 5 puppies sired by Verve Rocks.  The litter theme is Massachusetts since that is where both parents live.  There are 4 males, Swell, Black Ice, Taken and Knight.  The female is Salem.

Meet this Litter

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On Target's Unavailable! "Taken"
Owner - Sharon Zielsko
Agility - Canada







On Target's The Force Awakens "Knight"
Staying here with us at On Target 







On Target's Ripple Effect "Swell"
Owner - Brittany Patete
Agility - Minnesota







On Target's Witching Hour "Salem"
Owner - Karen Lee
Agility - Vermont







On Target's TBD "Black Ice"
Owner - Stacey Sandrey
Agility - Florida