About Jedi

Briarwood's Feel the Force TF-III

Jedi is my intense, over-the-top spun, blue merle border collie. Jedi is a wonderful flyball dog, a gifted frisbee dog, but most of all a loving mother. She is one of our foundation females. She is known for launching and hitting the tug HARD, ripping clothes, biting hands and enjoying every second of it. No one else will handle her in the flyball lane, as she has won the title of "dog most feared to run." Jedi plays full contact flyball! So full of life, energy and spirit, Jedi is an amazing and effortless athlete. Her favorite trick is hula dancing. She has extremely strong core strength and can stand on her hind legs for several minutes at a time perfectly balanced. According to Jedi, EVERYTHING is a competition and must be done at top speed. She has produced some awesome flyball and agility dogs and has passed down her great structure, work ethic and drive into all her puppies. Her parents are Briarwood's Stained Glass 'Marli' X Terbo's Ghost of a Chance 'Ghost'.  Her pedigree is full of very well known top performance dogs that passed their amazing qualities down to her and were passed to Jedi's kids and now grandkids and great grandkids.

Jedi is retired from breeding and has been spayed.

Jedi's Litters:
Dart 2005, Dart 2006, Dart 2007, Sooner 2008, Maverick 2009, Trep 2010 Chex 2011

Jedi was our foundation dog here at On Target.
Her legacy will be continued on in her intact (or formerly intact) offspring that we retained breeding rights on or kept ourselves:

On Target's You're Just Jealous "Envy" (Jedi x Dart) - Retired from breeding.
On Target's Original Sin "Lust" (Jedi x Dart) - Retired from breeding.
On Target's No Antidote "Poison" (Jedi x Dart) - Retired from breeding.
On Target's Beyond Reason "Logic" (Jedi x Dart) - Retired from breeding.
On Target's Had To Have Her "Impulse" (Jedi x Dart) - Retired from breeding.
On Target's Habit Forming "Fetish" (Jedi x Trep)
On Target's Game On "Player" (Jedi x Trep)
On Target's Full Speed Ahead "Tilt" (Jedi x Chex)

DOB: January 12, 2001
Breeder: Nona Schindler

CERF NORMAL 2001-2012
PennHIP 60th percentile
DNA CEA Carrier
DNA MDR1 Normal
AKC Registered

Photos of Jedi

Jedi with her Puppies!